Monday, January 03, 2011

BÚÉK / Happy New Year/ Une Bonne Année/Un feliz año nuevo

avagy vége a punnyadásnak!
or this is the end of laziness!


  1. Krisztina Hello!
    I arrived a little late to wish you a Merry Christmas. but not to tell your bird carrying an envelope in its beak is very beautiful!
    And it's not too late to wish you a Happy New Year 2011 with health work, and of course plenty of rest. because if you work you must have rest.
    A kiss.

  2. Feliz año mi queridaKris, que vengan miles de proyectos increíbles, y más libros por intercambiar!!!
    Un abrazote!

  3. Happy New Year Krisztina! Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work in 2011.

  4. hi Roberto, nice to see you! thank you for kind words - I will try to relax but it's always so difficult to turn off myself... hope you had a great holiday!

    gracias Flor! I love so much your package design (with Geisha) I'm going to write a little spanish comment on your post - if I could :)

    hola mi amigo!! It isn't able to write comments on your blog :( so I tell you here: I also wish you a very happy successful new year with wonderful new books (which ones we could 'intercambio' :)) un abrazo grande!

    coucou Bénédicte ! merci, á toi aussi !!

    hi Erin, thank you! I'm also waiting for your news about little furball :)

  5. I hope the new year bring you happiness and prosperity on which well deserves it for sure. Hugs

  6. Love him, sooooo cute!
    Happy New Year, Krisztina! Hope to see more your adorable work this year!

  7. Képzeld Kriszta!
    Megvettem az Akinek a lába hatos-t. Bár nálunk a családban nincs ilyen lábméretű:), nekem nagyon tetszett/ tetszik a hangulata, a képek... Gratulálok hozzá!!
    ui: ahogy látom én vagyok az első magyar nyelvű kommentelő:)

  8. thak you RuAn, you're so kind! I wish you all the best for this year too!

    hi Julia, nice to see you again! I hope Bobo and you are fine and there will be so many lovely images of your life on Bobo's fun place this year! :)

    szia Kitti! köszi, hogy benéztél és nagyon örülök, hogy tetszik a könyv! igen, úgy tűnik ebben a bejegyzésben Te vagy az első (vagy az egyetlen?) magyar :) köszi, köszi!

    hey Eric, thanks! I can't wait to see you your new sculptures! :)

  9. Fantastic illustration Krisztina!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful 2011!!!

  10. Great blog!! Your illustrations are so lively!